so you made a film about  a woman


Let's start by saying that SUBMISSIONS ARE FREE.


Important Dates and Deadlines:

2018 Festival: 13-16 September, 2017
2018 Festival Submission Deadline (must be received by): June 30, 2018
Notification of Acceptance: August 11, 2018
Final Versions of Accepted Film(s) Received By: July 31, 2018

* We are always accepting submissions and, if accepted, they will be incorporated into our tour program.

Please include the following items with your entry form for the festival: 

1. Link to an online accessible digital screener (ie. Vimeo, Youtube)*
2. A completed Submission Form with film synopsis

*No Man's Land prefers digital files. If a digital file is unavailable, please contact us at

If your film is accepted for the festival:

Please provide the following in digital format:

1. High resolution promotional images online (4×6 at 300dpi is preferable)
2. Press pack with production credits and biographies
3. Exhibition format Quicktime file, HD trailer, and three (3) 10 sec. HD clips*

*Our preferred export settings for the Festival are Quicktime files Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ) at HDTV 1920×1080 square pixels. Audio 48kHz, 24-bit, discrete channel. Label photographs with the film title and photo credit. Clips and trailers will be used for promotional purposes.

Additional information:

For rough cut consideration, contact Sarah at

By email: 

Scan completed form and email to


Frequently Asked Questions

What film length do we recommend? 

We feature films from 60 seconds to 90 minutes. The majority of our films are under 40 minutes. 1-15 minute clips are ideal. We may ask you to edit the length if we love your story but have trouble managing our time!

What kinds of films do we accept?

We are looking for films featuring individuals who identify as women. Production, cinematography, etc, do not need to be run full-force by women. However, the core purpose of this festival is to highlight and represent our feminine energy. We are looking for films that inspire adventure and have an empowered femme feature. Typically adventure film festivals are looking for films strictly in the realm of adventure and action sports - climbing, biking, skiing, boating, yoga - but we have expanded our focus and realize that passion and adventure run deeper than these boundaries. So filmmakers, show us what you've got!

What do I get if my film is accepted?

Life long satisfaction, an all-access pass to the festival and events, your film projected on a $100,000 projector to audiences around the country wildly applauding your story, the opportunity to bond with our awesome corporate partners and sponsors, our unconditional love and support, and official acceptance into the No Man's Land Family. You could also when an award! And did we mention free beer!?

A film fest full of radical ladies in Carbondale, CO...why should I come?

Because this is your wildest dream come true! You also have the chance to connect with an audience that includes some of the most inspired individuals on the planet: filmmakers, athletes, artists, outdoor industry professionals, outdoor industry film and marketing executives, and your new climber/running/surfing partner. Also, because you deserve a vacation, and why not take it in one of the most amazing places on the planet? Most importantly, come to meet other passionate and action-oriented individuals like yourself and watch some really sweet films. reason to not be there!

Do you present awards?

Yes! We present six awards at the Festival: Best of Festival, People's Choice, Femme-Wow (favorite male-free production), Most Inspiring Story, Best Cinematography and Wildest Adventure. Awards will be presented after the final screening the night of the Festival and announced on the website. 




Pitchfest is an opportunity for woman-identifying filmmakers, storytellers and athletes to come together and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.



Pitchfest is an opportunity for woman-identifying filmmakers, storytellers and athletes to come together and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. Two (2) winners will be awarded the monies from our Film Fund, totaling $2,500 each. The winners' films will be premiered at the No Man's Land Film Festival Flagship Event in Carbondale, CO the following year.  Winners will also receive one (1) full festival pass to the 5Point Film Festival Flagship Event in Carbondale, CO and guaranteed entry into their submissions pool. Our 2017 panel included representatives from Deuter and 5Point Film Festival.


All applicants must have their proposals submitted by midnight MST on August 1, 2018 to be considered. Selected candidates will be invited to attend Pitchfest on September 13th, 2018 in Carbondale, CO. Pitches will be limited to 20 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for further questions. If selected and unable to physically attend Pitchfest, you will need to prepare a quicktime file presentation.


We are interested in projects that:

  • incorporate film, photos, words, art or a combination that redefines the narrative of femininity in adventure and sport.
  • take audiences to places they’ve never been and tell them stories they’ve never heard.
  • challenge the current trend of woman-centric adventure films. 

What we expect from our investments:

  • regular updates on progress with photos, clips, etc. in addition to a final presentation.
  • a willingness to work with No Man's Land to share the story with a larger audience.
  • a finalized product submitted by Festival deadlines.
  • a thank you credit (on films, promotional materials, etc.).


Letters of Interest (LOIs) must be no longer than 500 words; longer letters will be disqualified. LOIs must be submitted through our online application (see below). Before clicking through to submit your LOI, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • project title (or working title).
  • applicant's name (must be an individual, not an organization).
  • text of LOI (500 words or less).

The text of your LOI should include or address:

  • a short description of the project.
  • brief information about your experience and that of any important partners.
  • how or why the No Man's Land Film Festival's Female Filmmaker Grant is important for your work.

Thank you for your interest in No Man's Land Film Festival's Filmmaker Grant. If you have any additional questions, please email

Aisha Weinhold at




There are already enough obstacles to get into the outdoor industry and especially in the film world. This our attempt to help.


Funding Opportunities


1 January, 2018


Filmmakers Without Borders

Filmmakers Without Borders supports independent filmmakers around the world via grants and other funding initiatives. Supported projects include narrative films, documentary films, and new media projects that align with themes of social justice, empowerment, and cultural exchange.



Women in Film

Women in Film advocates for and advances the careers of women working in the screen industries – to achieve parity and transform culture.

Women Make MOvies

Established in 1972 to address the under representation and misrepresentation of women in the media industry, Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women. The organization provides services to both users and makers of film and video programs, with a special emphasis on supporting work by women of color. Women Make Movies facilitates the development of feminist media through an internationally recognized Distribution Service and a Production Assistance Program.

Sisters In Cinema

Created in response to the lack of African American women in cinema, Yvonne Welbon set out to produce the first documentary of its kind, Sisters in Cinema. Sisters in Cinema creates a strong visual history of the contributions of African American women to the film industry.


Kissingfingertips is dedicated to the love of films by, for and about lesbian, bisexual and transsexual women.

The Feminist Spectator

The Feminist Spectator ruminates on theatre, performance, film, and television, focusing on gender, sexuality, race, other identities and overlaps, and our common humanity. It addresses how the arts shape and reflect our lives; how they participate in civic conversations; and how they serve as a vehicle for social change and a platform for pleasure. It’s accessible to anyone committed to the arts’ political meanings.

Women and Hollywood

Women and Hollywood educates, advocates, and agitates for gender diversity in Hollywood and the global film industry. The site was founded in 2007 by Melissa Silverstein. On a daily basis, Women and Hollywood sets the standard, defines the conversation, fuels coverage, and reinforces messages throughout the specialized and mainstream media to call for gender parity. Women and Hollywood blogs in a unique proactive style to engage filmgoers and filmmakers with news and information highlighting women filmmakers and agitates for increased opportunities for women.