Volunteer FAQ

What types of jobs need to be done?

Our main areas of need are as follows, but not limited to: ticketing, bartending (TIPS certified), ushering, set-up and breakdown, poster distribution, and guest speaker wranglers. 

When will I learn about what my volunteer job is?

We will have a volunteer meeting on Thursday morning, September 14th, to assign tasks and spread the hype!

What if I can’t make it to the meeting?

Please contact Sarah Coburn at sarah@nomansfilmfestival.org to let her know when you will be arriving and find out any pertinent information. 

What is the weather like during No Man’s Land Film Flagship Festival?

Carbondale, CO is only 6,171’ above sea level, but the middle of September can be fickle. Snow is not out of the question for this time of year, but more often the weather will be warm, or hot, and sunny. Please come prepared for any type of weather and check the forecast when packing…

What should I wear to my shift?

Please look presentable. During your volunteer shift you are representing No Man’s Land Film Festival and we don’t want you to look like you just got down the hill from a dusty mountain bike ride or a long hot day at the crag - but we do want to hear all about it! Wear clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable walking and standing for a while in. Bring layers and water. 

Do you provide lodging for volunteers?

We do not provide lodging for volunteers, though we can help you make your own arrangements. Camping is an option as well.