Week 1: Intersectionality + the Outdoors

Hello team!

I'm really excited to embark on this clarifying journey with all of you. 

I want us to work within the framework of No Man's Land as an organization with multiple platforms (website, social media, regional events) and tiers of representatives (staff, ambassadors, social media followers). NMLFF touches a lot of people, and this project is about helping your organization exert its mission—to redefine femininity in adventure, sport, culture, and conversation—even more intentionally and successfully.

There will usually be two media items (articles, documentaries, poems, songs) to digest before our weekly conversation. Each week will have a theme, listed here:

  • Week 1: Intersectionality + the outdoors
  • Week 2: Queer identity + the outdoors
  • Week 3: Ability + size + the outdoors
  • Week 4: Femme identity + the concept of danger

THIS WEEK'S readings

  • The short video about intersectionality
  • Pages 27-33 of Outdoor Participation Report, though the rest of it is really worth perusing if you have a little time
    • Identify a few items that strike you
    • Think about what isn't in this report
  • This Roots Rated article about diversity + marketing in outdoor communities

- Mollie



In the follow-up call with Mollie, the most common sentiment among the white/white passing team members was the sheer lack of thought given to intersectionality. Being a cis white female we have the luxury to move through the world without various lenses. We see ourselves in the media, mass marketing and especially in the outdoor media it is a given that we "belong." We proceeded to do a light audit of our organization and found that much of our language was not exclusive, but was not openly inclusive either. Another factor that we found shocking was that most website copy is not written above a 6th grade reading level in order to make the material more accesible. 



Intersectionality: We all have multiple identities that intersect to tell us who we are. Marginalized groups do not get to choose if they think about intersectinality or not. 



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The Outdoor Industry (Still) Has a Diversity Problem. Roots Rated. 11 July 2017.

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