current initiatives



Little Girl Child Writing Notebook Adventure Lab Education Program

Adventure Labs

A youth specific pilot program that brings films and speakers to the classroom for grades K-12. We have expanded this program to be available to students around the globe with a digital program and curriculum available for download from our website. 

pitchfest + the film fund

Pitchfest is an opportunity for filmmakers, storytellers and athletes to come together and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. The winner(s) will be awarded the monies generated from the Film Fund – a scholarship open to the broader adventure community and dedicated to female adventure filmmakers that are making waves in the industry. 

The Ignorance Project

A project-based monthly series focusing on issues relevant to NMLFF. The curriculum will be facilitated by female leaders in the given area of expertise. The resources and discussions generated each month will be available for public access and we encourage our audience to join us in our quest for knowledge.


The Ambassador program

A select group of 20 women, ranging from professional athletes to wildlife biologists. These women live the NMLFF mission, create content for the festival, and are eligible to receive funding from NMLFF to support expeditions of their planning.

Sarah Uhl Kelsey Brasseur Best Friends Sisterhood

Mens' + Ladies' Nights

Ladies’ Night is a facilitated discussion on being a woman navigating the outdoor and adventure industry. These discussions are offered at every event. Similarly, Mens' Night is facilitated discussion on how to support and empower women in the outdoor and adventure industry. This discussion is offered only at the Flagship Festival, but facilitations tools are available upon request.