Featured Artist


Lisa Kowieski


Lisa Kowieski is a freelance Artist and Designer, and the founder of Made by Lisa Marie. In 2016, she broke away from her corporate "desk job" in Chicago to pursue full-time freelancing as an artist and designer in the outdoor industry. She collaborates with brands to create unique artwork that tells a story and gives back to people or the environment. There's a deep connection to nature that drives a lot of her creativity. She's also sponsored as an Artist by one of the nation's largest Art Suppliers and teaches Watercolor and Drawing Workshops in Chicago and around the country. The outdoors--actually placing herself, physically and mentally, more fully in the outdoors and pushing herself in that space--has impacted Lisa's art and desire to inspire others to live a more fulfilled life and pursue their passions as well. For more on Lisa, see her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy store.