event coordinator and tour manager

The Position

*to start immediately // please have cover letters and resumés in by midnight on sunday, april 9th. 


This position is fit for a highly motivated, self-driven, self-directed, feminist-minded, boundary pushing adventure consumer who is looking to make waves in the outdoor industry. This is a positon for someone who is willing to expend time and energy for the NMLFF mission and understands that we are looking for an employee with whom we can grow with. You will play a pivotal role in the future direction of NMLFF and will work closely with myself to refine various parts of the organization. I am looking for an individual who wants to work within the outdoor industry and larger outdoor community to redefine femininity and empower women across the globe. This position gives you the opportunity to foster relationships with brands in the outdoor industry, like-minded organizations, professional athletes, adventure photographers and filmmakers and digital/social media moguls. The majority of our meetings will require the use of trainers, climbing shoes, ski boots, or life jackets. This position can be worked remotely, but for at least the first month, plan on being in Carbondale, CO with monthly meetings on location. More than anything, I am looking for a partner who finds purpose in the NMLFF mission and is looking to take the festival to the next level and initiate powerful change in and beyond the outdoor industry.

This position involves coordinating the NMLFF (inter)national tour. We average 12 screenings a year and are looking to expand this number. This upcoming year I am looking to create a tour program and curriculum focused on universities and school-aged girls (K-12). You will be key in this development. You will not be required to attend every screening, we will discuss the venues where this is appropriate and/or necessary.

Organizing an event looks like this: You are contacted by a potential host. The two of you set a date for the event. You prepare and deliver the event details to our graphic designer, she will create the materials, deliver them back to you, and then you send them to the host (all via email). You will create a handful of graphics for social media to forward onto our social media maven. You will be responsible for ensuring that the screening fee is paid at least 30 days prior to the event. Once payment is received, you will prepare and digitally send the program to the host. You will be responsible for explicitly detailing the NMLFF mission and the terms and conditions mandatory to anyone hosting a screening. You will be available for any questions from the host. You may be responsible for coordinating a guest speaker for the event. Depending on the event, your presence may be required which then entails running the films from a personal machine and emceeing the event – we will attend at least one event together before this take place. 

Required Skill set

- must be fully available and in Carbondale, CO August 14, 2017 – September 18, 2017

- must be able to EASILY work with other women.

- flexible and patient; NMLFF is growing and we are a young organization. Things will change and always when we least expect it.

- organized and detail oriented; this translates to being personally organized and ready to organize events with myself and various film fest hosts around the country.

- comfortable and capable of talking to various people on various topics with passion, purpose, curiosity, and a broad depth of knowledge of the NMLFF mission.

- willing and capable to put in some serious screen time; this includes consistent access to internet and a personal machine.

- a desire to travel to all parts of the country by all means necessary.

- a passion for adventure and fluency in all adventure/outdoor sports.

- stone-cold hustler; be prepared to attend at minimum the summer Outdoor Retailer show.

- self-directed; from the beginning you will largely be driving the NMLFF tour at your discretion. I will always be available for help and to bounce around ideas, but this tour will be your baby – run with it with integrity and excellence.

- articulate and grammatically sound writer.

- “comfortable” speaking in front of crowds.

- fluent in social media.

Desired skills, but not required

- speaks Spanish.

- independently wealthy.

- fluent in vinyl cutting and heat presses.

- familiarity with Squarespace and Canva.

- great taste in music; there will be road trips.

- can drive stick.



The pay is $1000 a month for a documented 20-hour (sometimes more) work week. Although this position starts small, this is all we can afford at the moment. With your help, we can take NMLFF to the next level and that includes bolstering our finances. If you are interested, please send me your resume and a brief introduction via email at aisha@nomanslandfilmfestival.org.