Aisha + Kathy go to Austin, TX

Kathy and I had just 48 hours to spend in Austin, Texas. Since this is our second trip to Texas in the last few months, we are returning more seasoned and ready for Segways. While the trip was short, we did get the essentials before the big event. We made it to Jo’s Coffee for breakfast tacos and Iced Turbos, the Big Top Candy Shop, Allen’s Boots, and made it to the bridge just in time to see the stream of bats launch into their nightly feeding frenzy. 

The event - a fundraiser for Casting for Recovery, was stupendous. The Yeti Flagship store is revolutionary and includes all of the necessities for a good time: a bar, good people and indestructible coolers. Who could ask for anything more? A powerful and impactful cause? Check. Casting for Recovery does incredible work and we look forward to teaming up with these ladies every year. CfR was our first tour stop, so coming back here is a great marker for how far we have come and it feels like coming home.

Lise and Susan, two of the figureheads in the company have fostered an amazing community of diverse women who are all connected by two elements: breast cancer and fly fishing. Casting for Recovery provides women affected by breast cancer a free weekend-long fly-fishing excursion, granting these women an opportunity to step away from their diagnoses and be with others who understand their journey.

We are honored to be a part of this incredible organization and are looking forward to years to come. Casting for Recovery gives us hope and reminds us that humanity is rooted in good. See you next year, Austin!