Dana Wilfahrt

Dana was born and raised on the land – but mostly in the water – of the North Shore of Massachusetts. As she grew, the influence of her parents and her constant curiosity lead her to fall in love with outdoor adventure; from surfing and sailing to hiking and running. She met Aisha on a 134’ Schooner, which they sailed from San Diego, CA to Honolulu, HI, where NML was conceived.

On this journey, Dana studied and became enthralled with the plastics scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean. This began her passion for environmental studies and plastic research, which eventually guided her to her current line of work with Patagonia.

She currently resides in Portland, ME and spends her time exploring the beautiful coast of Maine on her bike, training for her first ultra-marathon, figuring out the whole skiing thing, finding good coffee spots and constantly trying to simplify her life. She finds her creative outlet in drawing and painting, entirely inspired by nature.

“The human race is proving to be quite complex… if recent events have taught me anything, it is that adventurous, confident and creative women are beautiful and powerful. And they are everywhere. I am honored to represent NML and stand beside women that believe there is no limit to what can be achieved.”