NMLFF Ambassador Program


The goal of the Ambassador program is to empower women to get outside, document, and share their experiences on our channels as they spread NMLFF Mission. The Ambassador program offers adventurous women various media channels to express themselves through. These platforms include the NMLFF Instagram, Blog and Vimeo pages! Media generated by our Ambassadors is not limited to our platforms. There is opportunity for Ambassador-created films to be screened at NMLFF events and for written and photo-journalism pieces to be published on our media partner’s websites and in-print publications.

Ambassadors are expected to contribute the following to No Man's Land Film Festival:

  • At least one quality and relevant Instagram post a week, tagged @nomanslandfilmfestival #nomanslandfilmfest #nmlff

  • One blog post every quarter (3 months). This can be in the form of a personal story or an interview of another woman

  • One GIRL CRUSH video interview every 6 months. One of these can be of yourself, the other must be of another woman

*The blog posts and GIRL CRUSHES may be interchangeable. The mission of the Ambassador program is to highlight and connect women who are in pursuit of the radical. If you are interested in focusing on one form of media, let us know and we can tailor your contract towards your objectives and desires. We want to support your growth and help you learn more skills as you live out the NMLFF mission.

The final responsibility of an Ambassador is to host or participate in one NMLFF screening each year. If you choose to take on hosting a screening of your own, there is potential for financial compensation.

This position is for the most ambitious, passionate and adventurous ladies who are dedicated to furthering their outdoor careers while helping to fostering a strong and vibrant NMLFF community of inspired women. Our Ambassadors are a combination of full-time adventurers and weekend warriors. Our team is comprised of expert climbers, skiers, boaters, runners, sailors, swimmers, hikers, surfers, stand-up paddle boarders, bikers and explorers. We would love for you to join us!

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Thank you for your application! Given our small staff and lust for adventure, sometimes it takes a little longer to respond. Please be patient and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner!