No Man's Land Film Festival
The Women of No Man's Land


No Man's Land Film Festival is an adventure film festival based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that meets a need and desire to highlight and connect individuals who identify as women in pursuit of the radical. We are a collaboration and celebration of humans who are deeply engaged in enhancing the feminine presence in the adventure arena. The goal of this festival is to connect like-minded individuals who are action-oriented, wish to support a shared vision of gender equality, have a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely feminine lens, and above all, love adventure.

Along with cultivating a deep interest in exploring the vastness of our planet from a groundbreaking point of view, No Man's Land strives to create a history of motivating audiences to implement and inspire change. Our mission transcends the films presented; this festival acts as a platform for progressive thought and movement in the outdoor industry.  At No Man's Land, we aim to undefine feminine in adventure and sport through film. 



Aisha Weinhold


Sea-born and mountain-bred, Aisha has been blessed with a life of sand-filled eyes, bruised knees, frost-bitten toes, perpetual bathing suit tan lines, and nails too short to paint. She is based out of Carbondale, Colorado.  Her days are full of long runs and steep descents, dancing atop mountain summits with shiny jewelry and incorrect plant identification, followed by trumpet jam sessions, Ayurvedic cooking, and bunk beds. 


Kathy Karlo

Executive Director

Podcast producer and author of the blog, For the Love of Climbing, Kathy lives for rock climbing, belly laughs, sharing doughnuts with strangers, positive vibes and unplanned adventures. Between baking and loving on dogs, she is desperately trying not to kill the last few living basil plants in her apartment.




No Man’s Land Film Festival Ambassadors are a collection of women committed to finding excellence in their craft and documenting their stories along the way. We extend support by offering publishing opportunities on various media channels, grants to further Ambassador’s outdoor pursuits, gear from like-minded outdoor companies

and dedicated attention from our full-time staff. In return, we ask that our Ambassadors be vocal and active in their local communities in order to foster a vibrant following for No Man’s Land Film Festival across the country and the globe.