Carolyn Parker Ripple Effect

Carolyn parker

As the founder and owner of the Ripple Effect Gym in Carbondale, CO, the focus of her work and life is to engage others in activities that create positive self change, to inspire, mentor, motivate, encourage, educate, and if that means changing the world one person at a time, so be it. Carolyn derives the deepest satisfaction from seeing others succeed, however she will be the first to tell you it is not just about being faster or stronger – it is about being a more conscious human being.

Catherine Aeppel Headshot Bio

Catherine Aeppel

Catherine is an adventure photographer and filmmaker based in Colorado. From the beaches of Israel to the slot canyons of Utah, from remote islands in the Pacific to as far as Western Australia, Catherine’s explorations through the lens have taken her around the world. She thrives with a camera in hand — and lives the adventures she captures. When she’s not shooting, she’s playing in mountains, deserts and oceans far away from crowded cities and civilization.

Gale Straub She Explores

gale straub

 Gale Straub is the founder of She Explores, a podcast and content site for inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides. She's motivated to elevate the stories, creative work, and voices of women because she believes that every one has a unique way of seeing and experiencing the outdoors.

Henna Taylor Films The Honeymoon is Over

henna taylor

Henna Taylor is a filmmaker based in Boulder Colorado.  In 2011, she decided to begin documenting her experience while living with four midwives in rural Cambodia. Through recording the delicate subject of childbirth in Cambodia, she discovered a passion for uncovering the most subtle and humbling elements of the human spirit. Henna strives to capture the basic moments of humanity while creatively weaving them into every story she tells. Henna is known for her enthusiasm to learn, and her engagement in every aspect of storytelling. Her films are the product of this wonder and curiosity.

Jainee Dial Wylder

jainee dial

First and foremost, Jainee Dial is a storyteller. Inspired by her love of adventure and expertise in design, Jainee has dedicated her life's path to the creation of WYLDER, a mission-driven marketplace for the modern outdoorswoman. Wylder curates from socially responsible brands and as the first female-owned Benefit Corporation in the state of Utah, Wylder’s mission is to pave the way to a more sustainable path of ethical consumerism. When not designing and planning the evolution of WYLDER, Jainee will likely be found hiking, trail running, climbing, and exploring in the mountains and deserts of the West with her pup Hawkeye.

Jane Zelikova Bio Headshot

Jane Zelikova


Jane Zelikova is an ecologist interested in the impacts of environmental change on natural and managed ecosystems. She is a research scientist in the University of Wyoming and currently works at the Center for Carbon Removal, a start-up non profit that champions climate change mitigation. To find innovating ways to expand the role of science in tackling global issues, Jane has taken up filmmaking, helping tell science's story in ways that connect across ideological divides. She co-founded Hey Girl Productions (co-producer of the End of Snow), LUCA Media Collective, and 500 Women Scientists, a grassroots organization promoting open, inclusive, and accessible science.

Kathleen Carney Photography

kat carney

Kat is an outdoor adventure photographer who works on the road, living out of her built out 4x4 Suburban. After calling San Diego home for 5 years she hit the 15 months ago to capture adventures all over North America. She has worked with brands and agencies like REI, Kelty, British Airways, Hyundai, Travel Wisconsin, TomTom, Gregory, Lifestraw, and Outdoor Research. 

Her recent adventures include spending a month surfing the entire Baja peninsula, piloting her own dog sled in Wisconsin, and climbing the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, Canada.

Katie Bono Headshot Bio

katie bono

Growing up in Minneapolis, Katie’s first introduction to the outdoors came in cross country ski racing. This taught her many skills that she would use later on, including how to suffer for long periods of time and how to cope with absurdly cold weather. In high school, Katie travelled to the Canadian Rockies for the first time on a training trip and fell in love with the mountains. This love affair deepened while ski racing for Dartmouth College in New Hampshire when she discovered climbing. After retiring from the ski racing circuit in 2011, Katie began guiding and had the chance to pursue climbing more extensively as a professional climber for Arc'teryx.

Katie Boue Bio Headshot Puppy

katie boue

An outdoor and environmental advocate,
climber, and not-so-secret admirer of public
lands. After deciding “I’m going to make my
love for being outside a job!

Jenny Fischer Deuter Ortovox

jenny fischer

Jenny is the Content Coordinator for Deuter/ORTOVOX. Full time marketing, 3/4 time climber, former chef and overtime adventurer.  When I'm not handling digital content and crafting social for Deuter/ORTOVOX I'm climbing all the rocks I can get my hands on.  Based out of Boulder CO, I'm a wander-luster at my core and spend as much time as possible exploring the cliffs, canyons and mountains of the western US with my two rescue mutts Veda and Eldo.  I'm also pretty good at running, kind of good at skiing, and really good at eating bacon and drinking coffee. 

 A couple of days up at the Jumbo Hut in Jumbo Pass with Leah Evans and Sebastian.

leah evans

Leah grew up on the slopes of Red Mountain Ski Resort surrounded by a supportive community and the beauty of Canadian mountains. As a professional skier and Ambassador for Patagonia, she helps women reach their full potential on skis through her Girls Do Ski camps. She currently resides in Revelstoke, British Columbia and uses her experience in the mountains to inspire others to expand their sense of what’s possible in their lives.

Lisa Kowieski Artist Made by Lisa Marie

Lisa kowieski

Lisa Kowieski is a freelance Artist and Designer, and the founder of Made by Lisa Marie. In 2016, she broke away from her corporate "desk job" in Chicago to pursue full-time freelancing as an artist and designer in the outdoor industry. She collaborates with brands to create unique artwork that tells a story and gives back to people or the environment. There's a deep connection to nature that drives a lot of her creativity. She's also sponsored as an Aritst by one of the nation's largest Art Suppliers and teaches Watercolor and Drawing Workshops in Chicago and around the country. The outdoors--actually placing herself, physically and mentally, more fully in the outdoors and pushing herself in that space--has impacted Lisa's art and desire to inspire others to live a more fulfilled life and pursue their passions as well.

Madaleine Sorkin Photo by Henna Taylor

Madaleine sorkin

At 15, Madaleine Sorkin was guided up her first multi-pitch climb, the Prow, on a Colorado 14er. It was the range of experiences from the butterflies in her stomach the night before, to seeing daybreak in an undisturbed landscape, to exploring a small spire and naming it Macaroni and Cheese, to the sublime exhaustion by the end of the day that drew Madaleine into the art of climbing. Approaching her 30th birthday, Madaleine began to practice a single mantra: Own It. She ruthlessly applied this mantra to big wall free climbing, and it made 2012 a banner year for the insatiable athlete. At the heart of her climbing is an investigative interest into the partnerships, motivations, struggle and humor that make the pursuit meaningful.

Margie Woods Sailor

Margie Woods

Margie Woods is an artist, portrait photographer, writer, teacher and avid sailor. She holds her M.A. in Clinical Psychology and has worked extensively, both in private and group settings helping women to find their unique voices and strengths through the creative practice. She is also an avid sailor and was the only woman to compete in the 2016 Singlehanded Transpacific sailing race from San Francisco to Hanalei, HI. Margie plans to race again in 2020 and is currently working on a documentary about women solo offshore sailors, to illuminate and seek answers for the disparity between the number of men and women in these endeavors. 

Mollie Welch

MOllie Welch

Mollie Welch lives in Boston where she writes copy for Ovia Health — a women's health startup. She also volunteers with Planned Planned and NARAL Pro-Choice, and previously worked at Fenway Health  — an LGBT health center. She lives to listen to and share women's stories. You can find her nodding her head vigorously, trying to keep up with the right terms to describe what she's thinking, or walking the long way home over the Mass Ave bridge.

Sarah Tingey Alpacka Rafts

sarah tingey

Sarah Tingey is the Director of Outreach & Operations at Alpacka Raft which she co-runs with her husband, Thor, and is a strong advocate for getting more women outside playing in boats & bikes. A natural born sweep, Sarah is especially excited when she gets to work with ladies at the back of the pack and encourage them to push themselves, and their boundaries – expanding their skill set (and confidence) along the way. Despite growing up in Alaska she gets cold all the time and can always be found packing too many extra layers and snacks. Prior to moving to SW Colorado to run Alpacka Raft, Sarah worked at Nike and raced mountain bikes around the Pacific Northwest.