Flagship Festival 2016

September 24, 2016 @ Carbondale, CO

This is our second-annual event and an incredible collaboration between the No Man's Land Team and the larger Carbondale community. 


Film Program


Featured Photographer - Savannah Cummins


Savannah Cummins grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. Weekends throughout her childhood were spent playing in the creek behind her house - hunting for salamanders and catching frogs. When she was 16, Savannah's parents sent her on her first ‘real’ outdoor experience, camping and canoeing in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota. This trip was an eye opening experience for Savannah. She experienced some beautiful places and she realized how much she enjoyed the simplicity of life outside. Since then, she's committed to combining her passion for the outdoors, with her profession. For more of Savannah's work visit her website.




november 2016

The Dyrt


The festival’s founder, Aisha Weinhold, notes, “I was bored and uninspired by adventure films that only featured boys. I also wanted to see and connect with women who enjoyed and navigated the world in a similar style as myself.”And from that idea the No Man’s Land Film Festival was born. With a name that invokes on the one hand adventure into the unknown and on the other a female-only mission, Aisha and her crew are committed to pushing their brand to the national stage

september 2016

The Post Independent

Women share their outdoor journeys at Carbondale film fest

"Seeing no women represented at this elite level made me realize either I wanted to be that person or create a platform where that existed," she said. "So many people are bitching about how women are underrepresented in media, but nobody's actually doing anything about it." Weinhold spent two years gathering content before she arranged a sold-out inaugural event. 

Seven Film Events to Catch This Fall / Aspen Weekend Agenda: September 23-25, 2016

All genders are welcome at this celebration of all-female adventure films. After a year on the road, No Man’s Land launches a new tour with an action-packed night of babes, beer, and breaking boundaries. 

Aspen Sojourner

Terra Incognita


Aisha Weinhold, founder of No Man's Land Film Festival, lives with her husband, Steve, in Aspen, Colorado, in a small duplex-like apartment, but it feels more like a tree house. You enter through the garage filled with any tool you could possibly need, then walk up the stairs to their main living space. They have bunk beds. A large window fills their space with natural light which breaks through the gold aspens that surround their home.

August 2016

Whoa Magazine

Aisha Weinhold - Creating No Man's Land

24-year-old Aisha Weinhold is living many adventurers’ dreams. She runs a women’s film festival and co-owns an outdoor store. But that’s not why we like her. We’re big fans of her drive, passion for doing what she loves and, of course, her Ke$ha tattoo.

July 2016

The Mountain Outpost Podcast

Episode 1 - The Mountain Outpost

Born and raised in Colorado Aisha, is the founder of the No Man's Land Film Festival. She is an avid skier, climber, sailor, runner and overall outdoor enthusiast. Aisha created the film festival as a means to justify an end. She wanted to see and connect with women who enjoyed and navigated a world similar to hers, and so began the planning. 

June 2016

Whoa Magazine


When Lightning Strikes

I started No Man’s Land Film Festival: an all-female adventure film festival in March of 2014. I had spent the previous two years collecting content. When I first announced in 2012 that I would start a festival that catered solely to females in the adventure and outdoor industry, not only was I met with resistance, but with contempt. No one could understand why women in sports needed a voice. The general consensus was that women are not as talented as men and that this film festival would result in a celebration of mediocrity and untamed emotion.


This growth was salient during the No Man’s Land Film Festival which finished off the evening. While some (Georgie Abel, notably) have critiqued film festivals such as Reel Rock for minimizing the coverage of significant women achievements, this festival highlighted women skiing off vertical cliffs, 6-year-old skater chicks, Afghani women given the opportunity to bike, and of course, lady crushers sending insane routes. I was literally surrounded by inspiring women—to my back, left, right, and on the screen in front of me.

MARCH 2016

Fringe's Folly

February 2016




The No Man’s Land film festival concluded the evening with a celebration of badass women in adventure sports. A ton of awesome prizes were raffled off and over $1,100 was raised for Access Fund projects in the Bishop area.

Music, Conversation and Art Collide at the Palace

The kick-off event, No Man’s Land Film Festival, is an evening of adventure films showcasing just females. It was started by valley resident Aisha Weinhold, and she debuted the event last fall in Carbondale. The Palace gives her a venue to screen the 13 films in Aspen.

January 2016

Aspen Daily News




[W]e’re partnering with an all-female adventure film festival, No Man’s Land Film Festival, to show a selection of their awesome films.

Moja Gear


Photo Spread - Produced only in print.

Aspen Daily News